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Wrinkle Relaxers in Miami, FL

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What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

A wrinkle relaxer is a nonsurgical injectable treatment utilized to address fine lines and wrinkles that form due to regular muscle movement. It could work to lessen signs of aging, like forehead creases, Crow's feet surrounding the eyes, and "11" lines in between the eyebrows. Wrinkle relaxers utilize a specialized strain of botulinum toxin type A, which briefly blocks contraction in the facial muscles. In time, the appearance of wrinkles is lessened as the skin is able to heal and rejuvenate on its own. At Elite Styles Salon and Med Spa, we offer several brands of wrinkle relaxers, including Newtox, Dysport®, and BOTOX®. Our team is extensively accomplished in creating natural-looking results through wrinkle relaxer treatments at our Miami, FL location.

What Are the Benefits of Wrinkle Relaxers?

Lines and creases on your forehead and between your eyes may cause you to look older than you really are. Wrinkle relaxers are beneficial to help soften the appearance of such issues by briefly restricting your ability to alter facial expressions. A wrinkle relaxer treatment at Elite Styles Salon and Med Spa provides additional benefits for Miami, FL individuals, such as:

  • Quick, noninvasive treatment
  • Temporarily halting the development of lines
  • No recovery time is needed following the procedure
  • Addressing brow lines, Crow's feet, and frown lines around the eyes
  • Results look natural and can remain for as long as 3 – 4 months
  • Providing a newly rested appearance

Am I A Candidate for Wrinkle Relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxer injections offer an excellent solution for individuals aiming to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the upper facial area without resorting to surgical procedures. It's not uncommon for younger individuals, even those in their 20s, to express interest in wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX® to proactively combat signs of aging. Vivian will provide a comprehensive overview of each product and assist you in choosing the most suitable option for your needs. In cases where you wish to address more pronounced creases, the addition of a dermal filler can complement your wrinkle relaxer injections effectively.

What is a Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment Like?

During your thorough consultation at our Miami, FL practice, our staff will go over which wrinkle relaxer option is appropriate for you and your aesthetic desires. We offer wrinkle relaxer injections as an outpatient treatment, which can be carried out the same day as your initial visit. You will be told to create several facial expressions using the muscles in the upper face. This allows us to place the treatment in the appropriate area. First, we prepare the skin, mark the treatment sites, and use a fine needle to deliver the injections. To minimize discomfort and bruising, we apply a cold compress immediately following the injections. Depending on the formula type and amount of injections, your procedure will likely take about 10 – 15 minutes, and then you can go back to your normal routine.

You should avoid strenuous activities for a minimum of a day. You will want to refrain from handling your face for the first several days, as this can unintentionally distribute the formula to different places. The injection sites could become flushed, raw, or sensitive to the touch, but this should subside in a couple of days. Based on the product we used, your outcomes might take a few days to be seen. Most patients experience outcomes lasting up to four months, but the actual length of your outcomes will differ slightly based on the formula and quantity of relaxer used. Before you leave our office, we will provide detailed aftercare guidelines and speak about when to come in for follow-up treatments.

I had a Hydrafacial with Vivian and it was so great!! I left glowing and relaxed, and could tell she really cared about my skin. Vivian addressed all my skin concerns but didn’t pressure me to do more than I felt comfortable with. Definitely recommend!!

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Had an amazing experience getting a hydra facial done with Vivian! She is very kind and professional and she explained every step of the process since it was my first time. I will definitely always come back to Vivian for everything! I trust her with my skin!

K.H. Google

Been going here since 2018 and no where will compare! Beto gets the exact color you want / have always dreamt of and the service is amazing. Don’t waste your time on anywhere else!

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I was very pleased with a recent visit. I had an appointment set at a different salon in the area to get a blowout and showed up to find out they were in the process of moving out! Didn't bother to call me and let me know my appointment wasn't happening.. I frantically called Elite Styles to see if they happened to have anything available for a walk-in as I was leaving for a trip in a couple hours and they told me yes! Upon arriving, I was offering a coffee which they brought to me on a cute plate with a biscuit. I wish I could remember the gentlemen's name who did my blowout. He was from Brazil and super bubbly and friendly. I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese, but he made such a good effort to communicate with me, even though his English wasn't perfect. I am very picky when it comes to my hair but he did such a great job and was very careful to make sure he did it to my liking. This is my new place for blowouts. Thank you!

A.K. Yelp

Hands down!!! Emily did her thing and made me feel and look gorgeous. I found my new home and spreading the word to whoever compliments my hair...which is A LOT of people in the past 2 weeks. I already made my 2nd hair appointment and added a facial, mani and pedi.

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Embrace a Youthful Appearance

At Elite Styles Salon and Med Spa, we are proud to carry out cosmetic wrinkle relaxer injections to give patients a refreshed look without the need for surgery or recovery time. Our staff will listen to your cosmetic concerns and advise the right wrinkle relaxer compound for your aims. We urge you to get in touch with our Miami, FL office to schedule your appointment today.

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How many wrinkle relaxer units/injections will be required?

The number of wrinkle relaxer units given may vary according to your needs and the extent of your facial wrinkles and lines. Dr. Mokwa will discuss the necessary quantity of injections based on your desired beauty outcomes and if you seek to address Crow's feet, the brow, or the space between the eyes. To rejuvenate your newly restored look, your provider might recommend returning for injections 3 – 4 months apart at Elite Styles Salon and Med Spa.

Are wrinkle relaxer treatments painful?

As with many injection-based treatments, you will notice a light pinprick sensation as the injection is delivered. Note that this feeling lasts a few seconds, so most patients say this minor discomfort is not bad. Our team will help you feel comfortable throughout your appointment. We can administer an anesthetic gel at your request to make the injections more comfortable.

What's the difference between dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers help refresh your look but function differently. Wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX, briefly immobilize the facial muscles to help minimize shallow lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers, however, add fullness to recessed parts of the face and fill in deep lines. Our team can speak more regarding the differences between dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers during a visit to our Miami, FL, office.

How long does it take to see results from wrinkle relaxer treatments?

Results from wrinkle relaxer treatments typically start to become noticeable within a few days after the injections. However, the full effects may take up to two weeks to be fully visible. It's important to schedule your treatments with this timeframe in mind, especially if you're preparing for a special event. 

Can wrinkle relaxers be combined with other treatments?

Yes, wrinkle relaxers can be effectively combined with other cosmetic treatments for enhanced results. For instance, many patients choose to pair wrinkle relaxers with dermal fillers to address both fine lines and volume loss simultaneously. Our team at Elite Styles Salon and Med Spa will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals.

Are there any lifestyle changes needed after wrinkle relaxer treatments?

After receiving wrinkle relaxer treatments, there are a few lifestyle adjustments to consider to ensure optimal results. It's advisable to avoid strenuous exercise, excessive heat exposure, and activities that involve bending or lying down for at least 24 hours post-treatment. Additionally, try to sleep on your back to prevent any pressure on the treated areas. Following these guidelines helps you achieve the best possible outcome from your wrinkle relaxer injections.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.