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Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Hair Treatment

By: Our Team


If you are tired of fighting with your frizzy, uncontrollable hair, it may be time for you to consider getting a professional keratin treatment process. This revolutionary procedure has the ability to turn your head into the gorgeous keratin before and after photographs that you see in a fashion magazine. By smoothing out those unruly locks, you can feel the difference each time you toss your head. Here is some more information about keratin treatments.

What is the Keratin Treatment Process?

Basically, a keratin treatment process is a semi-permanent smoothing treatment for hair that is prone to unruliness. This helps bring under control:

  • Breakage
  • Frizz
  • Tangles

First, a solution is put on your hair and worked throughout to fill the porosity of your strands. Then, after being heated and blow-dried, your stylist goes over your hair with a flat iron. When you look at photos that show the keratin treatment before and after, you see frizzy, uncontrollable locks in the “before” photographs.

However, the “after” photos show smooth, shiny hair. This is because protein has been deposited back into your strands and sealed to give that sleek finish. Fixing your hair is vastly different from the keratin before and after, since it should take you much less time and effort to do your daily styling.

Keratin Treatment Aftercare

While your stylist can best advise you, you should expect not to wash your hair for several days after getting your salon keratin treatment. And, you need to be careful to keep your hair as sleek as possible, which means that in the days immediately following the process, you cannot put things such as clips, hair bands, or bobby pins into your hair. This prevents it from any indentations that may otherwise occur since you do not want a bend showing in your tresses.

How long your keratin treatment process lasts depends upon different things, such as how often you wash your hair, whether you have regular exposure to chlorine, and what kind of hair products you use. However, in most cases, it generally lasts for two or three months. Talk to your stylist about which types of sulfate-free shampoos are best following a keratin treatment process.

Who is Keratin for?

This type of treatment works best on hair that is curly or wavy, coarse, and frizzy. Your experienced stylist can best examine your hair and advise you if the results are going to be what you desire. If this is not your hair type, you should ask your hair professional about a Brazilian blowout for fine hair. This method removes the frizz while giving a lighter treatment.

Is Keratin Hair Treatment Safe?

When the first keratin hair treatment process hit the market, people everywhere were amazed by what it could do: turn frizzy, unmanageable hair into smooth tresses that took a fraction of the time that it previously had to style. However, back then, there were concerns about the formaldehyde used in the procedure. Luckily, current treatments are much safer than those early ones. While there still may be chemicals involved, limiting the procedure to a handful of times a year and having it done in a well-ventilated salon minimizes any risks you may face.

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