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Auburn Hair Color Ideas

By: Our Team


Auburn hair color has become very popular lately because its richness and variety are striking. No longer relegated to those who were born gingers and gradually got darker, there is a shade that works for everyone. Whether you stick with subtle light auburn or go for bold with Merlot, the wide variety of this color flatters and spices up your head.

The beauty of this hue is that dark auburn hair suits those with dark brown hair, whereas a light auburn hair color is perfect for those who tend to be fair. Your expert colorist at Elite Styles Salon & Spa can help you find the perfect shade for your skin tone. Here is some information about the many options offered when you choose to go with auburn hair.

Sassy Bold Orange

When you have lighter hair, such as a mousy brown or dirty blonde, you may feel you need something to brighten the dullness. These are the perfect base tones for a bold orange should you want to give yourself a little added sparkle. This light auburn hair color works especially well when your skin is fair since it sets off the contrast between a pale face and bright hair. Whether you choose to wear your hair long and flowing or short and sassy, bold orange is sure to turn heads as you walk on by.

Cinnamon Hair Color

If you are a dark brunette who is looking for a subtle shift, you should consider a cinnamon color. This shade capitalizes on your current color while depositing a little something extra. The modification is minor enough that you do not need to worry about changing the color of your eyebrows to avoid clashing with the cinnamon.

Add Auburn Highlights

Not everyone has the desire or possibly courage to go all-out with new hair color. However, highlights are a great way to wear the newest hair hues without a full-blown exhibition. Auburn hair color is perfect for a light dusting of strands to provide that depth that only highlights can bring.

Talk to your colorist about whether you want a full head of traditional highlights, highlights underneath that only show when you put your hair up, or one of the newer types of highlights that can be created to give you your best hair yet.

Mahogany Hair Color

You tend to be classic, streamlined, and elegant. When you own what you wear and command respect everywhere you go, you need a hair color that is as put-together as you are. Mahogany suits the bill since its rich tones convey opulence and luxury. Whether your skin is dark or fair, this dark auburn hair shade works for you.

Intense Ruby Red

If your personality tends to be bold and self-confident, you probably have the courage to pull off a daring hair color, too. When seeking something that fits, you may want to check out ruby. This cheeky hue is playful and pretty and makes a great contrast to the fabulous outfits you no doubt already own.

Traditional Auburn Hair

Most people, when asked to describe auburn hair, usually say that it is not quite brown, not quite red, but rather somewhere in the middle. This is the perfect description of traditional auburn hair color. It works with a wide range of skin tones to deposit richness onto your locks and makes you feel composed and classy.

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