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Ariana Grande Ponytail: 5 Steps to the Perfect High Pony

By: Our Team


Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop artists of the decade, and her sky-high ponytail is one of the most iconic looks in recent history. If you adore the Ariana Grande ponytail and want to replicate her signature for your next big event, professional preparation will set your ponytail apart from the casual one you wear around the house. Healthy, strong hair and sleek styling make the most of this glamorous, trendy high ponytail. Follow these steps to get this A-list look.

1. Extend Your Tresses

Ariana’s secret to super-long locks? Getting hair extensions, of course. Try clip-in styles that blend with your hair to add length while still appearing natural. While synthetic hair extensions are available, raw human hair extensions can look authentically yours with a custom texture and color match. Professional stylists can apply tape-in extensions, which can easily be removed and reused as well as micro link extensions, which attach to your natural hair with a small beaded clasp and can be reused.

2. Boost Your Volume

If you want a truly towering ponytail, you need to blow dry your strands to add the volume this style requires. Heat styling also lets you mirror Ariana’s sleeker-than-sleek finish and impossible shine. Flip your head upside-down, then blow it out to help encourage your locks to reach new heights. Those who have curly or wavy hair may want to go ultra-straight with the help of a flat iron before attempting this look.

Another trick for a volume infusion? Divide your hair into small sections, then tease each section at the root with a comb. Then, smooth out the amplified strands with a boar-bristle brush, which adds natural shine.

3. Double Your Pony

Dividing your tresses into two separate ponytails creates the illusion of a single super-high one while keeping your style impossibly smooth. Start with a half-up, half-down look, first creating the top ponytail where you want the base of the full pony to be. If you want Grande’s signature style, place the base just at the top of the crown. Then, add the hair on the bottom to the first pony and secure it with a second elastic band.

4. Finesse Your Finish

Hide the elastics by wrapping a few strands of hair around the base of the pony. Pin them in place for a flawless finish. Keep those bobby pins handy so you can also secure any loose strands that pop up. You can also spritz just a bit of hairspray onto a clean toothbrush and use it to tame any wayward flyaways or rely on a strong-hold gel.

5. Accessorize Your Style

Although Grande rarely strays far from her high ponytail, she often makes small tweaks to jazz it up a bit. Try weaving small braided sections into the ponytail or top it off with a plush velvet scrunchie in your favorite hue. Like Ari, you can crimp your strands for a boho-inspired look that also helps blend your extensions with your real hair for a more natural look.

High Ponytail Hair Care Tips

Whether you accomplish your Ariana Grande ponytail with or without extensions, good hair care will keep this style looking its best. If you opt for extensions, wash every two to three days with a sulfate-free shampoo and condition regularly to keep it shiny and soft. Regular trims ward off split ends that can create a scraggly look. With proper care, high-quality extensions can last for up to a year. Avoid sleeping in clip-in extensions, which can damage your hair if left in overnight.

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